for Kanawha County Commissioner

“We must diversify our economy, support
our youth, and deploy needed infrastructure
to be competitive in today’s economy.   
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Meet Ben
Ben Salango is a father, husband, lawyer and business person. He and Brett Preston founded the firm of Preston & Salango, PLLC, in Charleston in January 2006. That was one year after Salango had made partner at Flaherty, Sensabaugh & Bonasso after just five years with the firm and only six years after graduating from law school at West Virginia University. Preston & Salango has consistently been ranked by U.S. News & World Report as one of West Virginia’s top law firms. 
In February 2017, Salango was appointed to serve as a member of the Kanawha County Commission, a position he is running to be elected to in 2018. As a commissioner, he is working to bring economic development to the county, such as by advocating construction of a sports complex at Shawnee Park that would attract traveling sports teams from neighboring states for tournaments as well as serve Kanawha County residents.


Ben's Viewpoint 
  1. Economic Development
    Coal is vital to our region’s economy. However, we must diversify our economy. We must identify those opportunities that are available to Kanawha County. We must think outside of the box and not take no for an answer. We must work together with local government, business, industry and education leaders to ensure we have a viable local economy that provides good-paying jobs and entrepneurial opportunity.
  2. Youth Involvement
    We must support the youth of this county. Young people should have academic and athletic opportunities to grow. The county must assure recreational and educational opportunities are available to young people across the county and not just in the urban areas.
  3. Safety and Security
    A basic function of government is public safety. County government must support law enforcement officials as they protect residents from illegal drug activity and other crimes. We also must continue to support our fire and emergency ambulance services. Kanawha County is a large county that must rely on our first responders to protect our citizens and their property.
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